The Art of War | 9780140455526

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Still a source of inspiration for soldiers on the battlefield and managers in the boardroom 2000 years after it was written, Sun-Tzus the Art of War is the most influential book of strategy in the world, translated from the Chinese by John Minford in Penguin Classics. Ultimate excellence lies not in winning every battle, but in defeating the enemy without ever fighting For more than two thousand years, Sun-Tzus the Art of War has provided leaders with profound insights into the use of skill, tactics, psychology and discipline to outwit opponents. Said to have inspired Napoleon, and used by Mao Zedong and General Douglas MacArthur, as well as many famous business gurus, politicians and sports stars, its ancient words of wisdom provide a touchstone for Todays managers and executives fighting their boardroom battles. This best-selling book offers ancient wisdom on how to use skill, cunning, tactics and discipline to outwit your opponent. Little is known for definite about Sun Tzu (544-496 B. C. ) and his life during the Warring States period after the decline of the Zhou dynasty, but his classic the Art of War has been one of the central works of Chinese literature for 2500 years. If you enjoyed the Art of War, you might like Machiavellis the Prince, also available in Penguin Classics. Absorb this book, and you can throw out all those contemporary books about management leadership Newsweek Reflecting on Sun-Tzus work is to the business manager what weight lifting is to the champion athlete – an exercise that makes one stronger John Kohut, Beijing Bureau Chief, South China Post