Skill Sheets

Auteur:Rob van Tulder

  • Nederlands
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  • Pearson Benelux B.V.
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  • augustus 2007
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    Skill SheetsAn Integrated Approach to Research, Study and ManagementBeing a successful student in today’s society requires a large number of complex skills. This book consists of sheets providing students with directions on how to develop these skills effectively.The Skill Sheets are organized around a set of seven comprehensive skills: research, study (self-management), reading, listening, writing, presentation and team/project management. Rather than developing these skills separately, the Skill Sheets formula show, in a very concise manner, how they are related, and how one can work on many skills at the same time.Students and managers, as well as tutors and professors, will find the Skill Sheets collection a very practical reference book throughout their entire education. It enables them to focus on active learning and studying smarter.The Skill Sheets formula has been tested, improved and updated over the past ten years at the RSM Erasmus University, one of the leading business universities in Europe.This book is accompanied by a website ( with interactive tools, checklists, and additional information on relevant skills which can be constantly used throughout one’s studies and beyond.Rob van Tulder is professor of international business at RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam, department of Business-Society Management. He has published a large number of books and articles, and taught executive courses on international business and corporate responsibility.