Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals

Bronis Verhage

  • Nederlands
  • Noordhoff Uitgevers B.V.

  • augustus 2013

  • Samenvatting

    Marketing Fundamentals, An International Perspective is the European edition of Grondslagen van de marketing, the market leader in the Netherlands for over 25 years. In this bestseller, Dr. Bronis Verhage- Professor of Marketing at Georgia State University in Atlanta- strikes the right balance between marketing theory and practice. This has appealed to hundreds of thousands of students and has created a great deal of enthusiasm about marketing. Marketing Fundamentals includes the Campuz Creditcard with personal access to interactive support on the website of the book.The English-language-edition features a European perspective, embedded in a global context. Its engaging, lively writing style enhances student learning, and its use of ‘easy reading’ language is geared towards non-native speakers of English. Marketing Fundamentals incorporates a teaching style that is preferred in Europe. The book offers a cutting edge review of new priorities in marketing, as illustrated by a diverse selection of analyses of world-class companies’ customer-focused strategies. This attractively illustrated, full colour edition includes a mix of pan-European and global examples- both successes and failures in business- encompassing the entire field of marketing, including services marketing, B2B marketing and green marketing. The ‘Practitioner’s Perspectives’ and ‘Professor’s Perspectives’ in each chapter offer insightful opinions and powerful ideas on key issues in marketing management. They help bring the marketing fundamentals to life from a global perspective.