Lessen van Hitchcock

Lessen van Hitchcock

Patricia Pisters

  • Nederlands
  • 384 pagina’s

  • Amsterdam University Press

  • 4th Revised edition

  • augustus 2007

  • Samenvatting

    This book offers a comprehensive overview of the most important theoretical visions on film, television, and new media The works of the legendary film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock that cover an extensive period have had a huge influence on film and television history. His work forms the main theme in this excellent introduction and provides the starting point for different methods of analysis and interpretation in modern film theory. Based on existing extensive studies and publications concerning Hitchcock, several theoretical approaches such as author theory, semiotics, gender theory and postmodernism are illustrated and compared. In conclusion Patricia Pisters connect the results with the contemporary developments in the media landscape. In the final chapters of this updated new edition, the author delves deeper into the influences of Derrida and Deleuze on visual culture and in the afterword highlights new theoretical tendencies present in the digital era. This title is available in the OAPEN Library – http://www.oapen.org.